Hosted Cloud Service

Customized Hosted Cloud Service for

Cleveland Businesses

Hosted cloud-based virtualization, web and application services.

Cloud services are the future of technology and business. Cloud services can help your business like no one else. There are several benefits using hosted cloud services. We are fast moving towards a technology-based population and cloud services are the right way to provide the data when required. For businesses, it is best suggested to use a cloud service. This will help you stay in complete control of your business remotely. Pliable Technologies provides you smart hosted cloud services in Cleveland.

Pliable Technologies understands that hosted cloud services don’t only mean power and space, it also includes your servers. We will take care of your servers and database. Our expert technicians can help you in setting up and using the hosted cloud services in Cleveland optimally. Our technicians are well-equipped with the experience and expertise of cloud services.

Here are some benefits you will get when you choose hosted cloud services in Cleveland from Pliable Technologies.

  • Guaranteed uptime to ensure you always have your data close to you
  • Complete setup and initial guidance
  • Optimized storage and data migration
  • Complete database access
  • Maximum space available to suit your business
  • Designated network bandwidth for peak traffic

These are just some of the benefits of using our hosted cloud services in Cleveland. You can stay at the top of your business game with our easy-to-use interface. Our proactive technicians are available 24*7 for support and can help you remotely. This ability to solve issues remotely makes us a reliable cloud service provider.

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